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Struggling with Merchant
Cash Advances?

Finally, a cure for your financial headaches!

  • Get out of business debt
  • Restructure your business finances
  • Avoid business bankruptcy
  • Eliminate daily/weekly drafts
  • One affordable monthly payment
  • Immediately increase cash flow
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Business debt can overwhelm you with angst, worry, and fear. Together, we will assess your situation and customize a financial plan to foster peace of mind and empower your business to grow.

tailored solution for business debt relief

A tailored solution that will provide immediate relief

effective business debt consolidation system

An effective business debt consolidation system that you can trust

business debt expertise

A team backing you with business debt expertise

business debt help

Turning dreaded MCAs, business loans, and lines of credit into financial freedom

Affordable Debt Solutions saved me from business bankruptcy

Now MCAs no longer draft daily payments at their will. I pay what my business can afford!

Consolidating my business debt was the best decision I ever made. Now I worry less about creditors and focus more on building my business (and my income).

Affordable Debt Solutions built a custom solution tailored for my unique mix of MCAs and business line of credit. It is SUCH a relief!

Having this team on my side makes me feel like my best friend is a financial guru. They really know their stuff and look out for my best interest!

2 Minutes to understand how
business debt consolidation works


How it Works


consolidate business debt

Analyze to Understand

Together, we will determine all of your business liabilities, their costs, and potential solutions.


Plan a Custom Solution

Plan a Custom Solution

Based on your unique situation we will tailor a program solution that is right for your cash flow and allow you to focus more on your business!


Handle Creditors Effectively

Handle Creditors Effectively

Our attorneys will handle your creditors in negotiation so that you never have to worry about dealing with them again.


13 Questions to Ask Debt Consolidation Companies

Checking out debt consolidation companies is a wise idea. Asking them the right questions will help you choose a partner that will change the future for your business.

Download this list to get the 13 questions you should ask (and the answers you need to hear).

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Bank Level Security

  • Truste
  • McAfee
  • Trusted
  • Norton

Anonymous Debt Consolidation Assessment
Answer 10 Questions to Qualify

1. How much total business debt do you have?

2. What type of debt do you have?

3. How many MCA positions out?

4. How often are your payments?

5. Are you the owner of the business?